With a legacy in pogo and compliant interconnects, ECT is your logical choice for value added connector solutions.

  • OEM Connector Design
  • Design to Specification
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom Compliant Contact Design
  • Molded or Machined Connector Shells

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Compliant Connector Advantage:

Compliant connectors offer superior durability in high cycle life applications.

Pogo based solutions can maintain consistent electro- mechanical characteristics in excess of one million cycles.

When mating planar tolerances pose a challenge or a longer reach is required, Pogo based connectors are the preferred solution.



ECT can support small run custom applications with machined bodies in a variety of materials. For higher volume applications molded structures are available. Connector packaging can be optimized for downstream processes utilizing tape reel, or other techniques.

Market Segments Served

Mil-Aero, Test Measurement, Transportation, Industrial and Medical are industries ECT is servicing today. Our experience and understanding of your industries interconnect challenges make us an ideal connector partner.


ECT provides a broad spectrum of products, ranging from rugged high power solutions rated over 75amps to dense .2mm pitch interposers. High reliability solutions for harsh environments and stringent specifcations are also available.


Whatever your application requires, ECT has a solution. Battery chargers, docking stations, handheld devices, and robotic end effectors all benefit from pogo based compliant connectors. At the end of a cable, or mounted to a circuit board, ECT has your termination.